Cool Breezes and Quietude at Lake Crescent

Had to take advantage of the beautiful autumn day yesterday! I visited Lake Crescent Lodge in the Olympic National Park. Activites are winding down for the year as the lodge will be closing for the season at the end of October. This is absolutely one of my favorite spots that I frequent in my regional travels. I have never seen a lake quite as clear and colorful as this one! If you visit the lake on a sunny, blue sky day, you will be amazed at the color of the water. I call it a “swimming pool blue.” It can also be a gorgeous, teal blue that knocks one’s socks off! I was told by one of the employees at the lodge that the clarity of the water due to lack of plant growth is due to low levels of nitrogen in the water. Also, if you want to take a swim, be aware that this mountain fed water is sooo cold all year round. Kayaking and canoing are popular pastimes on the lake. Posted below are some photos taken of the lake at the lodge site.

A bit below are a few photos of the lodge itself. I love the fact that it has an enclosed sun room facing the lake adjacent to the main entrance sitting room. It reminds me of a countryside inn. The interior of the lodge is rustic with a dark, wood paneling adorned with pacific northwest native indian craft items. There are sofas and chairs that surround a fireplace that has a huge, bull elk trophy-head bagged over a century ago postitioned above it. There are a limited number of rooms located upstairs for overnight travelers. The lodge has many on-site cottage structures for vacationing families. Be advised to book a reservation far in advance.

Lake Crescent Lodge Main Entrance

Side View of Lodge Featuring Sun Room and Dining Room

Speaking of dining rooms, national park lodges offer some of the best dining experiences around. In fact, the primary reason I ventured a few hours away from home was to sample some of their exquisite carrot cake. I have sampled it once before and have never gotten the tasting experience out of my head! Imagine having a plate drizzled with butterscotch sauce, fresh, luscious berries on the side, a dollop of whipped cream, and an extra large slice of carrot cake set in front of you. If that doesn’t make your salivary glands work overtime, take your pick from a list of other extraordinary desserts that include goodies such as molten chocolate cake, ice creams, and a fabulous marionberry crumble. If sweets do not appeal to you, choose from a sampler of cheeses. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention everything else on the menu. Just bring your appetite and the lodge will take care of the rest! And after you’ve had your fill, burn off calories by walking on some of the wonderful forest trails in the area, one of which leads to beautiful Marymere Falls!

I know you are probably asking how to get to Crescent Lake Lodge. It’s not complicated. The lodge is located on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington. Just find your way onto Highway 101. It loops all the around the Olympic Peninsula through lots of forested area. Lake Crescent is located a bit southwest of Port Angeles. A very good map can be had for free at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center once you get into Port Angeles. Just follow the signs as you drive through the city. The roads are one-way in each direction. Once near Lake Crescent, follow the brown sign indicating Lake Crescent Lodge and the Olympic Park Institute. Follow the sign directions along the forested, narrow lane to the lake lodge. Happy traveling!


All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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