Autumn Color in the Mountains

068A sweeping view of autumn colors and Mt Rainier as seen from Chinook Pass, WA

I took a relaxed drive on Chinook Pass over the weekend in the Cascades of Washington State. There is one, superb area to check out during the autumn season in the sub-alpine regions of the Cascades. The ground and rock-side flora turn amazing colors of burgundy and gold in October. They’ll be at their most intense colors by the end of the month, but sometimes early snow hits this high altitude area, and it’s best to pay a visit before the first week of November, especially if you want to do some trail hiking.

The area I am referring to is known as the Tipsoo Lake area. There is the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake, divided by the main highway 410. There are plenty of scenic trails throughout this area and they are quite popular. It’s quite difficult to get a good photo exposure this time of year of Mount Rainier because of the sun’s position and angle, so I strongly suggest that one arrive early in the morning. Here are more photos from this area.






















 Clouds building over Mount Rainier


A spectacular overlook into a wide valley, where the Wenatchee National Forest starts, just a little bit east of the Tipsoo Lake area.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these spectacular autumn colors of the Cascades at Chinook Pass. I will most likely use some of these images to incorporate into some of my Northwestphotos Zazzle store products, so do keep a lookout there in the coming days.

All images copyright of Peggy A Thompson

About northwestphotos

A long time resident of Washington State, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA. I enjoy regional travel, exploring all the wondrous, natural settings that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. If you get a chance, visit my Northwestphotos Zazzle store,
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10 Responses to Autumn Color in the Mountains

  1. Your work is so fine, Peggy. Everyone who sees these should know you and the work you have done prior. Splendid, splendid, splendid.

  2. Spectacular landscapes, Peggy!

  3. The fall colors are truly spectacular…This area is a personal favorite and you did a wonderful job of capturing it.

  4. Gorgeous images, Peggy. 🙂

  5. Oh this is so lovely… I adore fall in the high mountain meadows.. and for various reasons I did not make my usual trek up there this year at all! So glad you did, I can imagine the smells and crisp air…
    and thanks for the thoughts on cups 😉

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