May Blooms in the Garden

Meconopsis lingholm

Yipee! It’s Blue Poppy time at the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden. Just visited the garden today, and the blooms just keep on coming! As soon as one species fades out, another one makes its appearance. The fragrant Azaleas are now in full bloom as well. Lots of colorful and, oh, so beautiful tropical species are blooming in the Rutherford Conservatory. Here’s an image of a really beautiful, orange colored Rhododendron in full bloom in the conservatory.

Rhododendron polyanthemum

Just look at these orange blooms with the shrubs of pink rhodies outside, as seen through the conservatory window! Beautiful!

And these long, tubular Rhododendrons are blooming as well.

These other white beauties are also in bloom.

When first entering the gated area to the garden, notice these large Rhodendrons in bloom.

Rhododendron sinogrande

You’ll find a lot of this pink, bell shaped Rhododendron species blooming in the garden.

Rhododendron orbiculare

Just look at these gorgeous, huge species of Peonies!

Primula species are in full bloom.

Here’s a Blue Poppy along with the Primulas.

There is one big patch of these tall, yellow Doronicums that sway in the breeze.

In the Victorian Stumpery, there are some rhodies still in bloom.

Found this interesting species of flowering plant called Podophyllum aurantiocaule, a native species of Tibet. The leaves were just starting to fill out.

I found this lone Viburnum species in the corner of the garden where the Azaleas are. The shrub is loaded with these snowball shaped blooms.

I hope you get to visit the garden soon if you live in the south Puget Sound area. It’s worth the trip! Blue Poppy Day – Art in Bloom is May 20. Come and enjoy the Blue Poppies and art in the garden.

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson.


About northwestphotos

A long time resident of Washington State, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA. I enjoy regional travel, exploring all the wondrous, natural settings that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. If you get a chance, visit my Northwestphotos Zazzle store,
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19 Responses to May Blooms in the Garden

  1. [ Smiles ] Wow! That is a superb collection of photos of flower!

    Nicely done!

  2. Gorgeous blooms! Love your photos. 😃

  3. Nitin Khanna says:

    Great Picture and Great Location too.. Really Appreciate your hard work and efforts. As an photographer i can understand how much efforts it takes to capture flowers and most importantly it should look natural and beautiful as well.. So thumbs up for your work and I am also an Photographer, if you would like to see my work then you can see at and let me know how is it. I would love to hear from you. Thank you

    • Thank you very much! Yes, it can be hard work at times taking photo of flowers. Lighting is so important. But sometimes we have to deal with what we are given and have to make the best of a situation. I visited your website. You have some very good advice there. Thank you!

  4. What a delightful flourish of colours! Here the tulips are starting to come out.

  5. Janet Hartmann says:

    These are just beautiful. I have some of these in my garden in Alaska.

    • Thank you, Janet! Who wouldn’t love the Blue Poppy’s beautiful, turquoise color! That’s nice to hear that you have them in your garden. I know they require some special care. Most people I’ve talked to that tried to cultivate them did not have much success. Sounds like you did!

  6. Gunta says:

    Looks like your Blue Poppies and my baby eaglets show up about the same time of year. It’s been a busy crazy year, but I had to check out my favorite colored poppy again. It’s pretty amazing. Adding the Primulas in the shot with the blue poppies was splendid!

    • Thank you Gunta! Yep, it’s that time of year again! I’m always sad when the spring flowers fade away, so I try to enjoy them as much as I can when they’re in bloom. Perhaps you will find some eagles to watch where you will be moving to.

  7. emilypaulino says:

    Woah! Great photos! I love your photos! 🙂

Thank you!

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