Adventures in New York City Spring 2018

As my friend in New York City would always say to me when I’m visiting: “Welcome to the big town!” Indeed, it is big … and noisy … and expensive … and crowded. But one has to admit that it’s pretty amazing! For those who love architecture, it’s a must-visit city. And that’s primarily what I take pictures of, when I visit. If you really want to save some money on all the museums and galleries, it really helps to have a city resident go along with you. New York City residents are not obliged to pay full entry fees to many places. They pay whatever they want, and as little as they want. Yes, this is for real! Also, check out the visiting times on many of the parks and museums. Many offer free entry on certain days of the week or month. I’ve been to the big city a few times already and have taken tons of photos. Each time I try to visit some part of the city I have not visited before. It’s so big! So this time I spent a day in Lower Manhattan to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (part of it), visit the Financial section, Washington Square, Battery Park, and visit the 911 Memorial site. Here are a few of those photos.

Washington Square

One World Trade Center as seen from Washington Square

Brooklyn Bridge

The next several images were taken from the Brooklyn Bridge, a great site to get great snapshots of the Lower Manhattan skyline.

Here is the popular, bronze bull statue in the Financial section that everyone wants to have their picture taken with.

One of the many, beautiful churches that one can find wedged in between office buildings.

If you are weary and need to take a rest, Bowling Green, with it’s lovely fountain court, is a great spot to take a load off one’s feet.


911 Memorial Site


911 Memorial Site


Down at Battery Park along the waterfront is a magnificent WWII memorial.

Here’s an interesting bit of architecture you won’t want to miss! It’s called The Occulus. Inside is just as spectacular!

Well, so much for this part of my stay in New York City! Stay tuned for more!

All images property of Peggy A Thompson




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4 Responses to Adventures in New York City Spring 2018

  1. Gunta says:

    Such marvelous shots of the Big City!

  2. Beautiful captures! One of the photobloggers I follow works out of the new WTC and occasionally has shots out her office window.

Thank you!

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