Lavender Festival Weekend

This year’s Sequim Lavender Festival, in Washington State, was held at Carrie Blake Community Park, instead of the usual street fair in downtown Sequim. It is a large, lovely park, complete with an outdoor, music performance stadium. All the usual arts and crafts vendors and lavender product vendors were present along with plenty of food and outstanding music performers. As well, driving maps were available for the free lavender farm tours. A few of the larger farms have their own venues each year and do charge a nominal fee to attend; otherwise, one can visit many of the farms anytime during the summer to purchase lavender and to peruse their gift shops.

I had spent practically a whole day attending the festive and then drove around the rural community of Sequim, visiting some of my favorite lavender farms. There just wasn’t enough time to visit them all. The area is known as the “Lavender capital of North America.” The regional micro climate is similar to Provence, France, and is ideal for growing lavender. Drive into town this time of year and you can literally smell lavender in the air. It is wonderful!

This first set of photos was taken at Martha Lane Lavender. There are ample photo opportunities here with their lovely lavender fields and gazebo.

This second set of photos was taken at Washington Lavender Farm. This residence has its own B&B, with a separate building for the lavender gift shop. This is a beautiful farm situated on a bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca, along with an opposing view of the Olympic Mountains. What a perfect setting!

A newcomer to the Lavender Festival this year is Troll Haven Castle. This is an unusual and unique setting for a lavender farm, albeit a small one. It is not located in Sequim, but quite a few miles from it, in a secluded area. It is a private, rental residence with its very own purple castle. Yes, you read right! A purple, medieval castle, complete with statues of trolls and dragon gates. You cannot go inside the castle though. This area is for its rental residents only. But, the adjacent farm headquarters was open to the public this weekend. Inside were a few vendors, with a small lavender garden located behind the building. If all goes well this year, they hope to be back with a bigger and better venue during next year’s Lavender Festival.


I wish I could have stayed for the whole weekend to take more time to visit the area and all the lavender farms. As well, Olympic National Park is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. It’s a beautiful and scenic region! And the drive along Hwy 101 and more is breathtaking! The lavender farms and gift shops will be open throughout the summer months.

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A long time resident of Washington State, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA. I enjoy regional travel, exploring all the wondrous, natural settings that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. If you get a chance, visit my Northwestphotos Zazzle store,
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7 Responses to Lavender Festival Weekend

  1. So beautiful!! Love lavender and the smell of lavender. Have gotten to visit the lavender fields of Norfolk in England…would love to visit lavender fields in other countries!! This looks absolutely stunning!!

  2. tonytomeo says:

    Sequim is where one of my colleagues will be settling in retirement. He is still working on the home there while also working elsewhere. I have not been there in a very long time. I was in Sequim only briefly, so did not see much of it. My concern with the popularity of the region is that it would eventually get more crowded than I remember it. So many of the most excellent places in Washington seem to do that.

    • I think you are right on that one, Tony! Especially with today’s technology and social media, no place is sacred, anymore. I have been to Sequim many, many times over the years, and I really love the pastoral feeling when visiting. It still is very much rural. It is mainly older retirees that live there, and as such, I would think that they have some say in how fast the city grows. I, myself, would love to live there. The main highway 101 that goes through the area is getting more congested, but I think that is because of more tourists and travelers are going to Olympic National Park. Visitors to the park have really increased. The only section of Sequim that is congested is directly north and adjacent to the highway. That is where most of the businesses are located.

  3. Jerry Wild says:

    You have the photographer’s eye to see & the artist’s gift to convey! These are exquisite photos. Lavender was one of my wife’s favorite colors & scents. Thank you for these windows into what is, for me, an other-wise far-away festival experience.

  4. Beautiful! One of the other photobloggers I follow lives in Sequim and features that festival.

Thank you!

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